Helping farmers and growers to increase crop yields and crop health all without damaging the soil and thereby preserving their soil for future generations.

GuanoBoost was founded

…in 2018 by two lifelong friends, Johan and Theo and their Irish “Paddy” South African friend and mentor, Stephen. Building the GuanoBoost family, they had a vision of “Helping farmers and growers to increase soil, lawn and garden health and helping them to increase crop yields and crop health all without damaging the soil and thereby preserving their soil for future generations.”

Our clients become family

…and with the continuous use of our Products you’ll see improvement in the quality and health of your soil, crops, lawn and garden without the use of chemical fertilizers. The most important initial step is to start applying a natural organic fertilizer. 100% Organic GuanoBoost. GuanoBoost is Proudly South African – made in Pretoria SA from 100% organic materials.

In order to survive and thrive for the next generations, the Farming Industry needs to change how it is farming. Since the introduction of Chemical Fertilisers, we have been putting more and more toxins on our soil, to the point where many of our farm’s soils contain almost no nutrients. I understood that this was not sustainable and I was determined to do something different.


The complications of chemical fertilisers

Research has shown that the constant use of chemical fertilisers on crops was having a very negative impact on soil health. Conventional fertilisers might have a high percentage of elements, but most of these remain unavailable until broken down & Chemical fertilisers kill essential microorganisms.

Once the microorganisms are killed, the nutrients become locked into the soil and unavailable to the plants. So, to get the same yields, year after year, farmers have to put more and more chemical fertilisers onto the soil. That starts a vicious cycle, where the soil becomes more and more depleted.

The solution is to practice Regenerative Farming by using Organic Fertilisers as part of your fertilising strategy.

There was a growing movement in Regenerative Farming that with the right fertiliser strategy, which was a mix of synthetic and organic fertilisers, you could reduce the harmful effects of chemical fertilisers by introducing organic fertiliser into your fertiliser strategy and still maintain or even increase yields, all while putting essential nutrients and micro and macro elements back into the soil.


soil regeneration

Soil regeneration is all about putting organic material back into the soil and unlocking the essential nutrients that become locked into the soil and unavailable to the plant through chemical fertilisers

You need the right fertiliser strategy to wean your soil off chemical fertilisers. This is a specific mix of synthetic and chemical fertilisers.

Chemical fertilizers are like putting harmful drugs in your system, to get the SAME effect you need to take more and more, whereas, with organic fertilisers, you put the same amount in each year but the nutrients, organic matter and micro and macro elements build up in the soil, which means you get high yields, healthier crops year after year.


It takes time to reintroduce the Organic Matter back into the soil and reduce the harmful impact of chemical fertilizers. But it is not too late, increasing the quantity of organic fertiliser over 5 years until you replace the chemical fertilisers, will means that the soil comes back to life.

Sustainable farming is all about giving the soil back what it needs to survive and thrive over many years.

Guano is a perfect core ingredient for organic fertiliser. It used to be called “white gold”. Because of the bird’s unique diet. But we realised when we introduced other core elements and micro and Marco nutrients we had a perfect formula because putting these ingredients onto the plant, helped introduce the right mix of nutrients onto the plant, giving it an immediate lift but also, they helped unlock the nutrients that chemical fertilisers locked into the soil.


so what is nutrient loading?

The essential raw ingredients of the Guano Birds diet of fish and crustacean are pre-digested by the birds and this means that they are partly broken down. GuanoBoost goes through An Accelerated Fermentation Process, which further breaks down the Guano and essential ingredients. This means that they are available in the right form, immediately when the plant needs them. That is why so many customers see such instant results when they apply GuanoBoost.

All the elements in GuanoBoost exist in the specific form that plants require. It does not have to go through any process of breakdown and is immediately available to the plant. What this means is that the plant goes into a state of Homeostasis because it has all the elements in the right quantities and ratios absorbed. 

In addition to this GuanoBoost feeds the microorganisms in the soil which stimulates the microorganism population, which in turn breaks down the unavailable forms in the soil to make them available to plants.

GuanoBoost unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost give immediate nutrients to the plant. 

What results does this give? A healthier plant. Higher yields. Helps plants survive cold, heat. Quality produce. Prolonged production cycle.

We call this

Nutrient Loading

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