Are organic fertilisers expensive or great value for money?

There is a perception out there that organic fertiliser products are very expensive and do not make financial sense. Let’s examine the facts…

Maybe you thought of using organic fertilisers, but you’re worried about it being a bad investment, i.e. not being effective, and that you will lose money on your investment.

The reality is when you mix organic fertilisers with conventional fertilisers, you can see amazing results.

When it comes to growing crops, you literally reap what you sow. You can’t expect to meet a high yield goal if you didn’t make use of organic fertiliser in your mixed fertiliser strategy plan. A good mixed fertiliser plan provides crops with the essential nutrients they need throughout the growing season.

The most important thing we need to understand is that every crop is unique and every crop has different needs for different elements and nutrients.

All the elements the plant needs are available in the soil. And in most cases, the plant does not need to get all the additional chemical fertilisers.

How does introducing organic fertilisers benefit the farming economy?

Farmers invest in fertilisers to help get greater yields and to make more money. So, fertiliser in a major investment for commercial farmers.

The best way to achieve a good ROI on your fertiliser purchases is to make sure that you’re taking a balanced approach to plant and crop nutrition, instead of just focusing on one or two nutrients on application.

If we take a step back and examine why GuanoBoost is so effective, it’s quite simple. For the past 50 years, our farmers have only focused on 3 elements which are ingredients in fertiliser products known as NPK, which consists of Nitrogen, Phosphates, and Potassium. What some farmers do not understand is that plants do not only need these 3 elements, they need all 98 elements.
The commercial agriculture market is mostly focused on the NPK-mix. But, what is critical to understand that the plants actually need a lot more than only N, P, and K – and this is what we call Nutrient Loading. Concentrating on a couple of key nutrients but ignoring the rest can cause crops to experience deficiencies that are detrimental to crop growth and drastically reduce yield potential.

But maybe you are thinking that organic fertilisers are too expensive or not as effective as chemical fertilisers. Well, the reality is when you use 100% Organic GuanoBoost with other products the results are often spectacular.

This is where the cost-effectiveness of organic GuanoBoost comes in:
Guanoboost concludes the macro elements, N, P, and K in forms that are directly available to the plants. It also contains all the micro-elements and trace elements that the plant needs. Furthermore, it has Carbon in it that feeds the micro-organisms in the soil, but it also contains folic acids. The folic acids nourish the micro-organisms, but it also breaks down the elements in the soil for the plant to absorb it easier.

This is the benefit of Nutrient Loading.

We need to look at more specific trials where GuanoBoost has already been used by farmers and where there was a significantly higher result, which then resulted in the farmer making a lot more money than just using traditional synthetic fertilisers.

Let’s say the farmer gives R1 to GuanoBoost and GuanoBoost gives the farmer R3 back – it is a good investment and will benefit the farming economy. So when we look at ROI, we need to look at some specific examples where a GuanoBoost client achieved higher returns and where it resulted in them having a good ROI.

Here are some short success stories that highlight the incredible ROI of using 100% Organic GuanoBoost:

  • A ryegrass farmer in the Natal-Midlands. He specifically compared Urea to GuanoBoost in a direct like-for-like trial. The GuanoBoost application cost him 18% less and he got an 18% higher return than the application with conventional fertilisers.
  • A farmer in Zimbabwe, Paddy Zanda, planted soya on a field without GuanoBoost and a field with GuanoBoost. He gave them one spray of GuanoBoost and he gained an extra 700kg of soya per Hectare. This application only cost him R625. Currently, you get R8000 per tonne on soya. So he got a return of about R6000 – this is a 1000% ROI due to nutrient loading.
  • A lucerne farmer decided to do a GuanoBoost trial on his lucerne fields. His operation was simplified to use GuanoBoost in his mixed fertiliser strategy. After 1 application on 1 hectare, he got a gain of 20% per hectare and 2 tons of lucerne. After applying GuanoBoost to all his lucerne fields, he reached a total of 40 tons extra lucerne on his GuanoBoost fields, an amazing return.
  • The last example is a farmer from Weimar farm who farms wheat. He had a farm average of 6 tons and after using GuanoBoost he got 7.7 tonnes. This is almost a 2 ton gain extra after using GuanoBoost. Wheat goes for about R5 000 per ton, so the farmer has an extra R10 000 per hectare that he made for spending R637. That’s about 1400% ROI.
    These farmers soon realised that not only will GuanoBoost help improve their ROI, but it had many other benefits as well:
    – Because Guano is 100% organic, it preserves the soil, stops it from becoming depleted, and protects the water sources
    – It simplified the farmers’ operations because it requires less mixing with other products
    – It improves water retention in the soil because organic fertiliser binds to the soil
    – Guano can be applied all year round on 2-week intervals. (Agricultural)
    – Does not burn plant roots because it’s organic and ensures more upright stems and open leaves enhancing photosynthesis.
    – Contains lots of nutrients and minerals from the bird’s diet, with an unprecedented long list of micro-elements including boor and molopdeen.
    – Because of Nutrient Loading, it gives the plant all of the essential nutrients in the right form.

All this leads to Healthier Crops and Higher Yields for the farmers.

Their operations were simplified to use GuanoBoost in their mixed fertiliser strategy.

Despite being vastly experienced and expert farmers, these kinds of results were a surprise to them. But the BIG benefit was that they can retain the life in his soil, added with a good ROI.

At the end of the day, 100% organic GuanoBoost is not a commodity, it is a result and is Great Value for money.

If you would like these kinds of results in your business, simply give us a call today and one of our technical consultants will be delighted to come out to your farm and take 30 minutes of your time and show you some case studies of how farmers are getting amazing results and profit increases by using GuanoBoost fertiliser as part of their overall fertiliser strategy.

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