Are your crops damaged due to stress conditions? Learn how GuanoBoost helps to recover stressed crops, trees and grasses. Read this blog to find out more…

Our plants are exposed to many stress conditions this time of the year such as lack of sunlight, strong winds, and lack of access to water leading to stressed plants.

To survive and thrive, all living things need essential food and nutrients, in the right form, at the right time. Every element that the plant needs exists in the soil in many different forms and connections. The majority of these forms are unavailable to the plant and microorganisms need to break them down before the plant can absorb them.

You need to give plants a nutrient boost through Organic Matter that will ensure your plants’ to be stronger and healthier after surviving the hardships of winter much better. 

We recommend 100% Organic GuanoBoost which contains over 50 essential elements and minerals that help plants to grow efficiently. By feeding your plants GuanoBoost, you will boost their recovery due to stress conditions, like cold stress, and help them recover and thrive again. 

GuanoBoost is made from 100% organic GuanoBird manure. Due to the unique diet of the birds, our product is rich in natural minerals, micronutrients, and macro elements of nitrogen and potassium. Then we take it through a proprietary 14-day automated manufacturing process, where we ferment the Guano into a concentrated liquid, high in fulvic acid. 

All the 50 essential elements (minerals, fulvic acid, micro, and macro elements) in GuanoBoost exist in the specific form and quantity that plants require for immediate nutritional support. It does not have to go through any process of breakdown and is immediately available to the plant. 

In addition to this, the burst of nutrients in 100% Organic GuanoBoost raises Brix levels which leads to improved photosynthesis through Nutrient Loading!

With organic fertilisers, like GuanoBoost, plants do not need a lot of energy to absorb these elements as they are available in very small particles and molecules that are very easy for the plants to absorb. More and more we are learning that GuanoBoost helps raise Brix levels in plants, trees and crops that improve Photosynthesis and this is helping plants survive and thrive after cold conditions. 

Photosynthesis is the process where plants use Sunlight, Water, and Carbon Dioxide to create Oxygen and Energy in the form of Sugar in Plants helping them to photosynthesize effectively by uptaking Kinetic Energy through sunlight which improves the growth of the plant. The higher the plants’ sugar/Brix levels, the greater the level of Photosynthesis.

Various trials show that GuanoBoost quickly raises Brix levels leading to:

– Healthier plants

– Quicker growth

– Stress resistant

We call this… Nutrient Loading!

Nutrient Loading has 3 essential ways through GuanoBoost:

1. Primary Nutrition: GuanoBoost contains primary or macro elements that the plant needs to build structure and grow.

2. Secondary Nutrition: GuanoBoost contains Secondary or micro and trace elements that the plant needs to build a strong immune system and increase efficiencies of Macros.

3. Efficiency Increase: GuanoBoost contains high levels of Organic Carbon and Fulvic acid which will increase carbon availability and uptake of primary and secondary nutrients.

100% Organic GuanoBoost fertilizer has all the elements in sufficient quantities, but more importantly in the right forms that the plant can absorb quickly. What this means is that the plant goes into a state of Homeostasis because it has all the elements in the right quantities and ratios absorbed. How the plant enters Homeostasis depends on how it absorbs all the elements needed from the soil it’s planted in. Homeostasis also enables the plants to handle stress conditions like extreme cold or frost better. 

By applying organic GuanoBoost, this product enables the plant to absorb essential nutrients through its leaves. With GuanoBoost being 100% organic, all the elements are immediately available and in the right shape to give the plant a kickstart again and help it recover quickly.  

This stimulation helps the plants get back to normal processes and therefore have a much stronger resistance after GuanoBoost is applied than otherwise would be the case. 

100% organic Guanoboost’s effectiveness is therefore very good and is recommended for plants that are under stressful conditions. Not only are they giving the plants an essential boost and support, but they are putting the nutrients back into the soil, thereby preserving the soil for future generations.

There is another reason, GuanoBoost works so well when mixed with conventional fertilizers. 

GuanoBoost contains 3.5% natural fulvic acid. Fulvic acid enriches cell development in crops, plants, and trees, leading to much stronger root growth. This helps the plant absorb more moisture and nutrients, helping it resist stressful conditions, such as cold, water shortage, and frost. It is the perfect application to give your crops the boost they need to recover after these cold winter months. 

It is like a double BOOST of Nutrients.

Here is a short success story that highlights incredible results using 100% organic GuanoBoost to help crops and plants be stronger, healthier, and more resistant:

Danny’s Lucerne survived 10 days of heavy overnight frosts and these Lucerne fields are still thriving!

Danny plants Lucerne in Middelburg, Eastern Cape. He is also a GuanoBoost agent who uses GuanoBoost himself and he’s very happy with the product as he is passionate about helping farmers to protect their crops and soil and to get the most out of their lands. He applied 25L GuanoBoost per hectare in December 2020 and followed with a second application of 25L per hectare in May 2021 and saw remarkable results. 

Not only did his Lucerne survive but they continue to thrive after hitting temperatures of -4. This is because 100% organic GuanoBoost produces:

– Healthy crops

– Does not burn plant roots because it’s organic

– It is a source of soil nutrition

– Allows for a better metabolism or nitrates in plants

– It produces stronger cell walls in the product, which leads to

flavor enhancement and resistance to cold

– Ensures more upright stems and open leaves enhancing


– Contains lots of vitamins and minerals from the birds’ diet

and a lot of the goodness in the guano comes from the fish


– A healthy crop with a good stance

GuanoBoost unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost gives immediate nutrients to the plant.

What results does this give?

A healthier plant. Higher yields. Helps plants survive extreme cold/ heat. Quality produce. Prolonged production cycle.

We call this… Nutrient Loading!

We don’t view ourselves as a supplier to our clients but as trusted advisors. Please let us help you. 

Last winter, we worked with over 2,000 farmers to help their crops survive the cold winter months. Schedule a call with one of our technical experts to learn exactly how. I promise you; it will be the best 30 minutes of your time you invest this season.

If you are concerned about trying GuanoBoost, don’t be. GuanoBoost is extremely versatile and it will fit in seamlessly in any new or existing fertilizing strategy. Not only can you expect to recover crops and plants after excessive rains and improve performance, but you will be taking an immediate step to help resolve the soil health crisis and the need to reintroduce biology and organic matter back into the soil in order to sustain yields. 
Don’t stress about cold stress this Winter! Let us help your crops, plants, and trees recover and thrive after these cold winter months. Contact us today on 081 838 9382 or visit and schedule a visit with one of our technical agents!

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