Hendré is the proud Manager at St. Cloud, an export Blueberry producer in Mpumalanga.

In July 2020 he introduced GuanoBoost as an addition to his normal Fertiliser Program and achieved fantastic results in both quality and yield in that harvest. He has decided that 100% Organic GuanoBoost will now permanently form part of his fertiliser strategy into 2021.

As per norm, an extensive pruning program was followed after the previous harvest and these are the results of new shoots produced so far.

As an experienced Blueberry farmer, HendrĂ© is extremely happy with the crop’s progress and has not seen such lush growth and split-shoot development at this stage of the production cycle as compared with previous years.

Hendré believes that this first full season of incorporating GuanoBoost into his Fertiliser Program will result in his best Blueberry season yet!

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