Can you mix organic and chemical fertilisers?

Are you worried about your farm’s sustainability and to increase your yields while preserving the farm for future generations?

Maybe you thought of adding organic fertilisers to your mixed fertiliser strategy, but you’re worried about it being a bad investment, i.e. not being effective enough for your yields and crops. But using chemical fertilisers alone cannot give the soil the essential nutrients that they need to survive and thrive over the long term.

If you do not farm 100% organically, then you need to mix organic and chemical fertilisers. The ultimate number one dream is to farm completely organically. Second, best is to mix organic and chemical. And the absolute last resort is to farm chemically.

So the answer to the above-mentioned question is YES – in fact, you NEED to mix chemical and organic fertilisers!

The reality is when you mix organic fertilisers with conventional fertilisers, you can see amazing results.

Chemical fertilisers are like putting harmful drugs in your system, to get the SAME effect you need to take more and more, whereas, with organic fertilisers, you put the same amount in each year but the nutrients, organic matter and micro and macro elements build up in the soil, which means you get high yields, healthier crops year after year.

This is for a few reasons:

Certain chemical fertilisers literally break down the micro-life/ micro-organisms in your soil. The microbiology/ the micro-organisms in your soil are responsible for keeping your soil alive. And if your soil is alive, the nutrients that are in the soil can become available to the plant. So if your micro-life is not there, your soil becomes infertile and this means that you then just have to put more and more chemicals in the soil.

If we start putting organic matter and organic fertilisers in our soil, we can keep that microbiology going, while we make our organic fertilisers more, we make our chemical fertilisers less.

Soil regeneration is all about putting organic material back into the soil and unlocking the essential nutrients that become locked into the soil and unavailable to the plant through chemical fertilisers. You need the right fertiliser strategy to wean your soil off chemical fertilisers. This is a specific mix of synthetic and chemical fertilisers.

It takes time to reintroduce the Organic matter back into the soil and reduce the harmful impact of chemical fertilisers. But it is not too late, increasing the quantity of organic over 5 years until you replace the chemical fertilisers, will mean that the soil comes back to life.

Sustainable farming is all about giving the soil back what it needs to survive and thrive over many years. You can’t expect to meet a high yield goal if you don’t make use of organic fertiliser in your mixed fertiliser strategy plan. A good mixed fertiliser plan provides crops with the essential nutrients they need throughout the growing season.

Without having to stop your current chemical mix, you’ll have to introduce a percentage of organic fertiliser into your fertiliser strategy to maintain and increase your yields over the long term. And this improvement is only possible by using 100% organic GuanoBoost fertiliser. By introducing GuanoBoost into your fertiliser mix, you can increase your yields without increasing your chemical fertiliser every year, because all the elements the plant needs are available in the soil.

What benefits will your farm get by introducing organic GuanoBoost fertiliser with your chemical fertiliser strategy?

Here is a short success story that highlights the incredible results of using 100% Organic GuanoBoost:

Farmer Fanie van der Linde farms in Thabazimbi. After applying 100% organic GuanoBoost, his lucerne went from 248 bales to 540 bales.

He soon realised that not only did GuanoBoost helped improve his lucerne, but it had many other benefits as well:

  • Because Guano is 100% organic, it preserves the soil, stops it from becoming depleted, and protects the water sources.
  • It simplified the farmer’s operations because it requires less mixing with other products.
  • It improves water retention in the soil, because organic fertiliser binds to the soil
  • Does not burn plant roots because its organic and ensures more upright stems and open stems and open leaves enhancing photosynthesis.
  • Contains lots of nutrients and minerals from the bird’s diet, with an unprecedented long list of micro elements including boor and molopdeen.

All this leads to Healthier Crops and Higher Yields for the farmer.

Introducing organic material into his fertiliser mix ensured that the plants were quickly given essential micro and macro elements and nitrogen which could be quickly absorbed by the plant due to the special fermentation production process used in manufacturing GuanoBoost. All the elements in GuanoBoost exist in the specific form that plants require. It does not have to go through any process of breakdown and is immediately available to the plant.

GuanoBoost unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost gives immediate nutrients to the plant – what results does this give?

  • A healthier plant
  • Higher yields
  • Helps plants survive cold, heat
  • Quality produce
  • Prolonged production cycle.

We call this… Nutrient Loading

Maybe you have secretly known or suspected for years that chemicals are bad, but lied to by chemical companies, because they are not concerned about your farm or soil health. It is not true that chemical fertilisers are not effective, but the chemical companies will never tell you this – an extensive use of chemical fertilisers release of carbon into the atmosphere and locks nutrients in the soil and kills off micro organisms.

With the right fertiliser strategy, which is a mix of synthetic and organic fertilisers, you can reduce the harmful effects of chemical fertilisers by introducing organic fertiliser into your fertiliser strategy and still maintain or even increase yields, all while putting essential nutrients and micro and macro elements back into the soil.

GuanoBoost goes through an Accelerated Fermentation process, which further breaks down the Guano and essential ingredients. This means that they are available in the right form, immediately when the plant needs them. That is why so many customers see such instant results when they apply GuanoBoost.

We need to change our ways. It is not too late to change, the time to start introducing organic fertiliser and material into your fertiliser strategy is NOW.

If you are concerned about trying GuanoBoost, don’t be. GuanoBoost is extremely versatile and it will fit in seamlessly in any new or existing fertilising strategy. Not only can you expect improved performance, but you will be taking an immediate step to help resolve the soil health crisis and the need to reintroduce biology and organic matter back into the soil in order to sustain yields.

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