This is a 4-hectare ginger crop in the Mpumalanga, Lowveld region. It was planted in late spring last year and the farmer decided to introduce GuanoBoost into his ginger program from the beginning, as he achieved excellent results with other crops on his farm using 100% organic GuanoBoost. Like most areas of the country, the …

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Not only an increase of yield but higher quality level, higher price, and 15% less wastage! Naas Rautenbach is a farmer in Standerton. He got a great increase in his sorghum quality that really simplified his operations. He struggled with the quality of the sorghum grains that were always smaller than the sieve so he would …

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Hendré is the proud Manager at St. Cloud, an export Blueberry producer in Mpumalanga. In July 2020 he introduced GuanoBoost as an addition to his normal Fertiliser Program and achieved fantastic results in both quality and yield in that harvest. He has decided that 100% Organic GuanoBoost will now permanently form part of his fertiliser …



Healthy Sugarcane thanks to organic GuanoBoost! Here is our agent Buks Swarts, visiting one of the leading sugarcane farmers in South Africa. The farmer decided to do a GuanoBoost sugarcane trial in Pongola – what a pleasure to work with such an amazing farmer! He simply used GuanoBoost as a supplement in his normal mixed …



Farmer Andre, looking at a fantastic yield of tobacco despite the heavy rains and nematode wreaking havoc with his crop. Changing his fertiliser mix to 100% GuanoBoost organic saved his crop. How? Because of Nutrient Loading. GuanoBoost unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost give immediate nutrients to the plant giving it a boost. Let …

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From 17 to 30 tons on one Maize field trial, that is a 65% increase in yield! This farmer from Thabazimbi made the bold move to replace two of their chemical foliar feeding strategies with 100% Organic GuanoBoost and applied it along with their usual mixed fertiliser strategy. They have approximately 105 000 yellow Pioneer …

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Hendré is a passionate and very proud farm manager of St Cloud, located outside White River in Mpumalanga. They farm with export blueberries and have achieved excellent crop yields so far by applying GuanoBoost with their current fertilisation program. They applied GuanoBoost mainly through drip irrigation. Hendré intends to make GuanoBoost play a bigger role …


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