New Citrus Trees profitable and producing 12 Tonnes of Citrus per hectare within 24 months of planting vs the normal 36 months. How is that possible? Nutrient Loading with 100% organic GuanoBoost. A case study.

At Guano Boost we supply commercial farmers with 100% organic fertiliser made from Namibian Guano Bird extract, the most nitrogen-rich natural fertiliser in the world with a nitrogen level of N13.7gr/kg. We help commercial farmers to:

  • Improve their yield.
  • Develop products with a longer shelf life and with a higher sugar content.
  • Improve their profits and cash flow.
  • Simplify their fertilising operations; whilst preserving their soils and watercourses from contamination, thereby ensuring their farm is sustainable for future generations.

Farmers like Willian who was able to get new citrus trees to produce 1 tonne per hectare inside 24 months.

William is a citrus farmer in the Komatipoort Area He has studied the history of Guano as the most potent fertiliser known to man and has read that it had come to be known as white gold by ancient farmers, because of the amazing increases in yield and profitability it had given them. Willian set Theo a challenge, he wanted to plant a new plantation of Orange trees on 11 hectares, but he wanted the trees to produce Oranges within 24 months and not the usual 36 months it takes for new trees to normally start producing.

Theo suggested to GuanoBoost products:

  • He told him about the GuanoBoost slow-release fertiliser pill that releases nutrients and minerals as the tree needed them for up to four months. You simply place it at the base of the trunk.
  • The GuanoBoost liquid foliar feed will stimulate aggressive healthy growth in the tree, which is sprayed on the tree.

Both products are natural, with the highest Nitrogen level N13.7gr/kg of any known fertiliser.

William integrated GuanoBoost into his plant nutrient program combining guano boost with some of his proven fertilisers. It was really easy to apply. Just place the pill every four months and spray every 3 months.

William had amazing results. 24 months after his first plantation of orange trees on 11 hectares, the trees were producing 12 tons of citrus. This was simply unheard of to achieve those kinds of yields of crops in such a short time period of planting new trees. This was 100% due to the GuanoBoost pills and liquid fertiliser.

William and GuanoBoost are working closely together in seeing how they can improve yield and limit the use of chemical fertilisers.

If you would like this kind of results in your business, simply give me a call today and I’d be delighted to come out to your farm and take 30 minutes of your time and show you some case studies of how farmers are getting amazing results and profit increases by using Guano fertiliser.

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