A 75% increase in cucumber yields due to a longer production cycle with 100% Organic GuanoBoost + Nutrient Loading. Our client Ruben is a qualified Agronomist who is responsible for managing 45 farmers crops in plastic net houses in Almeria simply could not believe it was possible. A case study:

At Guano Boost we supply commercial farmers with 100% organic fertiliser made from Namibian Guano Bird extract. We help commercial farmers to:

  • Improve their profits and cash flow
  • Improve their yield,
  • Develop products with a longer shelf life and with a higher sugar content
  • Simplify their fertilising operations; whilst preserving their soils and water courses from contamination, thereby ensuring their farm is sustainable for future generations.

Farmers like Ruben, who saw a 75% increase in this cucumber production.

Ruben is a cucumber farmer in the south of Spain. He is a qualified Agronomist is responsible for 45 farmers crops in plastic net houses in Almeria. This area houses the largest concentration of grow houses in the world. Ruben had heard about Guano fertiliser and when he spoke to Theo and Theo explained that he could expect a 35% increase in production yields, Ruben was very sceptical about the use of any type of organic fertiliser. His argument was organic fertilisers are just not potent enough in the commercial arena. Almeria produces most of Europe’s fresh produce during the winter months.

Ruben started applying Guano liquid to his cucumber plants and after 5 days started seeing a difference. He continued varying the dose as well as the frequency he applied the Guano. His target was to ensure that he had his cucumbers ready for the European winter months.
Ruben found his sweet spot at applying Guano every 10 days and achieved amazing results. His production increased and the plants also produced products for much longer. This made the plants produce out of the normal production period, producing cucumbers into the hot Spanish summers.

His overall cucumber yield went up by a staggering 75%! Not only was his production higher his fruit was much more attractive with improved shelf life.

Ruben is in High demand as a net house farm manager with his results. Not only is he producing higher yields and healthier fruit he can also use the soil in his net houses for much longer before changing it because he is now using a fully organic fertiliser. Which is less expensive and less time-consuming. His farms were WAY more profitable and sustainable.

If you would like these kinds of results in your business, simply give me a call today and I’d be delighted to come out to your farm and take 30 minutes of your time and show you some case studies of how farmers are getting amazing results and profit increases by using Guano fertiliser.

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