Do you want to know how to get your Grazing grass or Lucerne fields to produce more while putting the nutrients back into the soil? Read this blog to find out more…

Grazing grasses and Lucerne fields need the essential boost of 100% Organic GuanoBoost because of its ingredients and it causes Nutrient Loading through the burst of nutrients that GuanoBoost provides and the fact that it is a 100% organic product, it will also preserve the soil for future generations.

Unlike chemical fertilizers which reduce the Brix level of plants, organic material like GuanoBoost helps to increase the Brix levels of plants that improve their photosynthesis. The reality is, the higher the Brix level in the plant, the higher the improvement of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis improves the plants’ ability to uptake and absorb energy, leading to better growth. The key point with GuanoBoost for your Grazing grass and Lucerne is the essential elements (minerals, fulvic acid, micro, and macro elements) in GuanoBoost that raise Brix levels.

The higher Brix levels allow the plants to achieve earlier photosynthesis from daybreak because the sugar levels are higher and therefore allowing optimal photosynthesis as well as longer photosynthesis during the day, which leads to more growth and healthier plants – especially in cold or overcast periods.

During the night the plants take the energy down to the roots in order to uptake nutrients, but this can be a very slow process for that energy and sugar to rise back up through the plant.

So, what GuanoBoost does is it generally makes the sugar levels higher and it also helps the plant to more quickly raise the energy levels in the morning, which means the window for photosynthesis is much longer.

GuanoBoost has a very important effect that we call Nutrient Loading. We’ve been speaking over and over again that your plants need nutrients. The benefit of GuanoBoost is it has a nutrient boost in three essential elements:

1. The primary nutrition from GuanoBoost which contains organic guano bird manure, a very nutrient-rich natural organic material that is very easily broken down and utilized by the plant. We take it through an advanced fermentation process so the nutrients in GuanoBoost are immediately available to that plant.

2. The macro elements. Whatever is not taken up by the plant actually falls down into the soil and helps enrich the microbes and the macro elements in the soil which makes the nutrients that are in the soil, immediately available to the plant.

3. Efficiency Increase. Organic fertilizers like GuanoBoost, because of the nature and the elements and the materials in GuanoBoost specifically the fulvic acid and naturally high levels of occurring organic carbon, help the plant uptake the nutrients in the soil, the nutrients in GuanoBoost, and especially your chemical fertilizers or pesticides or herbicides program and all of these three things we call Nutrient Loading.

This leads to GuanoBoost giving you higher yields, healthier plants, quicker growth, and much better and higher-quality materials. It is the perfect application to give your Grazing grasses and Lucerne the boost they need.

Without having to stop your current chemical mix, you can introduce a percentage of organic fertilizer into your fertilizer strategy by giving your plant the Essential nutrients that it needs, to maintain and increase your yields over the long term. And this improvement is only possible by using 100% organic GuanoBoost fertilizer. By introducing GuanoBoost into your fertilizer mix, you can increase your yields without increasing your chemical fertilizer every year, because all the elements the plant needs are available in the soil.

Here are some short success stories that highlight incredible results using GuanoBoost on different types of Grazing grass and Lucerne:

Eragrostis Grass in Nottingham, KZN – The farmer in KZN, Nottingham area was never able to get a second cut on his Eragrostis lands before using 100% organic GuanoBoost. The Eragrostis is over 30 years old and received 2x 25L per hectare. Before using GuanoBoost, the farmer was getting a total of 18 bales off per hectare, this was 2 years ago. The first year the farmer cut and baled and got 18 bales per hectare in his first cut and the second cut was done in May he got an extra 8 bales per hectare giving a Total of 26 bales per hectare for the first season. That is an amazing result of an extra 45% production per hectare!

Kikuyu Grass in Nottingham, KZN – The farmer’s approach to his Kikuyu is to have holistic high-density mob grazing grass – this definitely contributes to the Guano performing as amazingly well as it has. GuanoBoost ensured that the plants were quickly given essential micro and macro elements and nitrogen which could be quickly absorbed by the plant due to the special fermentation production process used in manufacturing GuanoBoost. The Kikuyu is over 2 years old and had 3 applications of 25L per hectare GuanoBoost, with a further spray after grazing. He is very happy with the results as he doubled his grazing capacity.

Teff Grass in Nottingham, KZN – The farmer in KZN, Nottingham area was not able to get a second cut on her Teff grass fields last season. The Teff grass received a total of 2 applications of 25L GuanoBoost per hectare. Before using GuanoBoost, the farmer was getting an average of 140-150 bales off. She now more than doubled her yield on her first cut by getting an amazing 350 bales off the whole land! After the first cut, she applied the second GuanoBoost application and where she never was able to get a second cut, she got 97 bales off. She basically tripled her yield with only 2 sprays of GuanoBoost!

Lucerne in Delportshoop – Farmer Boeta was very unhappy with his poor lucerne yields and wanted to take his 5-year-old lucerne out of the ground. His previous cut was 160 bales on 7ha of land. After two Guanoboost applications of 25L/ha, Boeta received 600 bales from the same 7ha land. Boeta is very happy with the product and will be able to keep the lucerne on the fields for another two years.

Grazing Pastures at Bona Bona Game Lodge – Pieter applied 100% organic GuanoBoost for the first time in February 2021 with an application of 25L per hectare. He is very happy with the product so far!

GuanoBoost unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost gives immediate nutrients to the plant. What results does this give?

A healthier plant. Higher yields. Helps plants survive extreme cold/ heat. Quality produce. Prolonged production cycle.In addition to this, the burst of nutrients in 100% Organic GuanoBoost raises Brix levels which leads to improved photosynthesis of Wheat plants through Nutrient Loading!

We don’t view ourselves as a supplier to our clients but as trusted advisors. Please let us help you.

If you are concerned about trying GuanoBoost, don’t be. GuanoBoost is extremely versatile and it will fit in seamlessly in any new or existing fertilizing strategy.

Not only can you expect improved performance, but you will be taking an immediate step to help resolve the soil health crisis and the need to reintroduce biology and organic matter back into the soil in order to sustain yields.We are here to help commercial farmers.

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