Do you want to know why 100% organic GuanoBoost helps crops and plants recover from waterlogging effectively?

Many clients use GuanoBoost as a foliar feed to help their crops recover from stress, for example, excessive water.

If your crops and plants are struggling with yellow spots or discoloration after excessive rain, flooding, and waterlogging, here’s why:

When plants are in waterlogged conditions for too long, it kills the important plant hair roots. This causes a shutdown in the plant’s food production systems and this, therefore, causes the yellowing of the plants. The plant’s hair roots die due to a lack of Oxygen. This often results in the plant dying.

But there is a solution, if you apply 100% Organic GuanoBoost, because of the unique Guano ingredients and the advanced fermentation process that GuanoBoost uses during the manufacturing process, you can quickly see the plant recover.

All the elements in GuanoBoost exist in the specific form that plants require. It does not have to go through any process of breakdown and is immediately available to the plant.

What this means is that the plant goes into a state of Homeostasis because it has all the elements in the right quantities and ratios absorbed. How the plant enters Homeostasis depends on how it absorbed all the elements needed from the soil it’s planted in.

100% organic GuanoBoost fertiliser has all the elements in sufficient quantities, but more importantly in the right forms that the plant can absorb them quickly. Homeostasis also enables the plants to handle stress conditions like waterlogging or flooding better and they also find it very difficult to get any viruses and fungi in wet conditions.

By applying organic GuanoBoost, this product enables the plant to absorb essential nutrients through its leaves. With GuanoBoost being 100% organic, all the elements are immediately available and in the right shape to give the plant a kickstart again and help it recover quickly.

This stimulation helps the plants get back in normal processes and therefore recover much faster after GuanoBoost is applied than otherwise would be the case.

The application of chemical fertilisers on waterlogged soils often fails to provide the expected benefits to recover plants after excessive amounts of water. This is basically because of low organic matter and low biological activity in the soil. Organic matter retains plant nutrients and prevents leaching to deeper soil layers.

100% organic Guanoboost’s effectiveness as a foliar feed is therefore very good and is recommended for plants that are under stressful conditions. Not only are they giving the plants an essential boost and support, but they are putting the nutrients back into the soil, thereby preserving the soil for future generations.

Here is a short success story that highlights incredible results using 100% organic GuanoBoost to help crops and plants recover from waterlogging effectively:

Pieter is a farmer from Limpopo that plants tobacco on drip irrigation. He had been using his normal Chemical programs for fertilising his tobacco and this led to his farm’s soil health declining as a result.

He heard of GuanoBoost and the fact that it builds up the nutrients of the soil. Pieter and Theo have been long-time friends and Theo convinced Pieter to do a trial of 100% Organic GuanoBoost. He was able to subsidise/replace some of his chemical programs with 100% organic GuanoBoost which is high in nitrogen at 13.5g/kg and abundant micro and macro elements. After 4 applications of 25L GuanoBoost per hectare, the tobacco started thriving.

However, then heavy rains hit. With heavy rains, tobacco normally tends to drown. With GuanoBoost being an organic fertiliser the product did not leach, as the GuanoBoost binds to the soil so the plant was able to handle the stressful standing water, much better than neighboring crops. His neighbours had significant damage, Pieter almost had no damage and was still able to harvest a bumper crop.

Although he did not spend more on his fertilising regime he was able to improve on his previous record crop of 3,8 tonnes per hectare to 4,2 tonnes per hectare. This resulted in significant additional cash flow and profits for Pieter. Where other farmers could not handle the heavy rains, thanks to 100% organic GuanoBoost, not only did Pieters’ crop thrive, but he produced a record yield.

GuanoBoost unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost gives immediate nutrients to the plant.

What results does this give?

  • A healthier plant.
  • Higher yields.
  • Helps plants survive extreme cold/ heat.
  • Quality produce.
  • Prolonged production cycle.

We call this… Nutrient Loading

In addition to this, GuanoBoost feeds the micro-organisms in the soil which stimulates the microorganism population, which in turn breaks down the unavailable forms in the soil to make them available to plants.

If you are concerned about trying GuanoBoost, don’t be. GuanoBoost is extremely versatile and it will fit in seamlessly in any new or existing fertilising strategy. Not only can you expect to recover crops and plants after excessive rains and improve performance, but you will be taking an immediate step to help resolve the soil health crisis and the need to reintroduce biology and organic matter back into the soil in order to sustain yields.

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