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Are you struggling to get your Wheat to produce more yield while putting the nutrients back into the soil? You have to give them an essential boost with 100% Organic GuanoBoost because of its ingredients and it causes Nutrient Loading through that burst of nutrients that GuanoBoost provides and the fact that it is a 100% organic product, it will also preserve the soil for future generations.

The first really interesting thing is that GuanoBoost helps improve photosynthesis in the plant. Many of our customers will be very aware of how critical photosynthesis is in the production cycle of a plant. And what is photosynthesis essentially?

It is the process through which plants use sunlight water carbon dioxide to create oxygen and energy in the form of sugar in the plant and that helps the plant photosynthesize effectively and uptake that kinetic energy from the sun to produce growth and health in the plant.

The reality is, the higher the sugar/Brix level in the plant, the greater the level of photosynthesis, and essentially our plants are exposed to very harsh conditions during this time of the year like wind, the lack of sunlight, lack of access to water in many areas and it leads to a very stressed plant.

What you find when you measure the sugar level of the plant early in the morning, often the Brix level of the plants, will be very low and especially in frosty or very overcast areas like the Western Cape.

This means that the plant only has a limited time during the day, because as the sun rises, the Brix level naturally starts to rise in the plant or the tree and it starts to then produce and grow through photosynthesis, but basically what can often happen is that photosynthesis opportunity can be very short because of overcast and rainy conditions leading to the soil and plants to have an energy shortage.

Now, what happens during the night is the plants will transfer the energy and the sugar levels through the plant down into the root where an exchange of energy and micronutrients takes place at the root level.

The plant is transferring sugar and energy and it is up to taking nutrients to the microbes in the soil and then very slowly during the course of the day as the sun rises, the Brix levels start to increase in the plant and it starts to photosynthesize more effectively and produce more sugars.

But as plants are exposed to many conditions of cold and winter you need to often give the plants a boost. Organic matter is the solution for more energy in the plants and soil. Whatever the plant loses in production time per day can simply be replenished with a supplementary organic product like 100% Organic GuanoBoost fertilizer.

What is very interesting about GuanoBoost is it is a 100% organic product. Organic matter and specifically GuanoBoost contains over 50 essential elements of natural minerals, micronutrients, and macro elements of nitrogen and potassium that the plant needs in order to efficiently and optimally produce and grow, but the unique thing about organic material is the particles in organic material are very small and that means it is very easy to for the plants that require little energy to uptake nutrients and turn it into energy through GuanoBoost and use it to start growing. What this means is it can often radically support and enhance the Brix level in the plant.

Our GuanoBoost agronomist, Roelie Steyn in the Western Cape, has done a number of very interesting experiments, where he’s gone out early in the morning and he took snippets of wheat cuttings when the temperature is 2° then what he’s done is he’s tested the Brix level after he applied an application of 100% organic GuanoBoost to the normal 1:20 ratio that we recommend and literally within 2 hours, the Brix level has risen, so that means that the wheat is way more effective and now taking in the energy of the Sun, absorbing and producing a healthier plant through photosynthesis.

We had a similar experiment on wheat a previous week where probably at about 10:00am a sample was taken and the Brix level was 4 and after an application of GuanoBoost was applied, that Brix level rose to 8 at around 15:00pm. So that’s a radical increase in the Brix level thanks to organic matter like GuanoBoost.

Roelie is very positive about the energy value which GuanoBoost produces and that it is compatible with other products. Roelie says: “GuanoBoost is not trying to be the completed fertilizer inside a bag or drum, GuanoBoost is the forklift that loads Nutrients, whether it is a fungicide or fertilizer, GuanoBoost compliments it with its organic components, and that is the greatest value that GuanoBoost has.”

Another benefit of organic matter is, unlike chemical fertilizers which reduce the Brix level, Organic material like GuanoBoost is going to increase your Brix level and multiple trials have shown this to be the case. What does this mean? It means a healthier plant, quicker growth, and much more stress-resistant to cold, lack of water, and especially attacks from insects and pesticides and phytophthora because you’re leading to a much healthier plant.

The second element is the Nutrient Loading effect of GuanoBoost. We’ve been speaking over and over again that your plants need nutrients. The benefit of GuanoBoost is it has a nutrient boost in three essential ways:

– The Primary Nutrition from guanoboost which contains organic guano bird manure, a very nutrient-rich natural organic material that is very easily broken down and utilized by the plant. We take it through an advanced fermentation process so the nutrients in guanoboost are immediately available to that plant.

– The Macro Elements. Whatever is not taken up by the plant actually falls down into the soil and helps enrich the microbes and the macro elements in the soil which makes the nutrients that are in the soil, immediately available to the plant.

Efficiency Increase. Organic fertilizers like GuanoBoost, because of the nature and the elements and the materials in GuanoBoost specifically the fulvic acid and naturally high levels of occurring organic carbon, help the plant uptake the nutrients in the soil, the nutrients in GuanoBoost, and especially your chemical fertilizers or pesticides or herbicides program and all of these three things we call nutrient loading.

So the whole concept of giving your plant the Essential nutrients that it needs, helping your plant produce photosynthesis much more effectively which is going to lead to a much healthier plant, much more able to survive and thrive through cold times, giving you a higher yield, healthier crop, and much better and higher-quality materials.

Here is a short success story that highlights incredible results using 100% organic GuanoBoost to help wheat plants be stronger and produce more yield through Nutrient Loading:

This farmer achieved an extra 650kg per hectare Wheat yield with the help of 100% organic GuanoBoost.

BJ Pretorius Boerdery is in Grootpan. They decided to use one section of a pivot for a trial where GuanoBoost competed against another product and saw remarkable results. They applied 1 application of 25L GuanoBoost per hectare and harvested 650kg per hectare more on the GuanoBoost section.

GuanoBoost unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost gives immediate nutrients to the plant. What results does this give?

A healthier plant. Higher yields. Helps plants survive extreme cold/ heat. Quality produce. Prolonged production cycle. In addition to this, the burst of nutrients in 100% Organic GuanoBoost raises Brix levels which leads to improved photosynthesis of Wheat plants through Nutrient Loading!

We don’t view ourselves as a supplier to our clients but as trusted advisors. Please let us help you.

If you are concerned about trying GuanoBoost, don’t be. GuanoBoost is extremely versatile and it will fit in seamlessly in any new or existing fertilizing strategy. Many of our clients have seen an increase of up to 35% in yields when they include GuanoBoost in their fertilizing program.

For more information about Nutrient Loading through GuanoBoost, simply contact us today on 081 838 9382 or visit and schedule a visit with one of our technical agents!

Not only can you expect to improve your crops’ performance, but you will be taking an immediate step to help resolve the soil health crisis and the need to reintroduce biology and organic matter back into the soil in order to sustain yields.

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