This is a 4-hectare ginger crop in the Mpumalanga, Lowveld region. It was planted in late spring last year and the farmer decided to introduce GuanoBoost into his ginger program from the beginning, as he achieved excellent results with other crops on his farm using 100% organic GuanoBoost.

Like most areas of the country, the Lowveld also received an exceptional amount of rain and an unusual amount of overcast, misty and darker days both of which contributed to inhibited growth and stress on the plants. However with the GuanoBoost added into the program at 20 liters per ha per month, the farmer is expecting a greater yield than previous years as the plants and especially the root systems are in excellent health, in comparison to previous years at the same growth stage.

Word in the area is that other ginger farmers are harvesting earlier this year because of the consistent wet weather but because of the excellent health of this crop, an extra 6 to 8 weeks of root growth will yield an extra 40%!

The farmer believes that the addition of Guanoboost into his conventional program is playing a pivotal role in securing an excellent above-average expected harvest, despite the havoc created by Cyclone Eloise.

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