Healthy Sugarcane thanks to organic GuanoBoost!

Here is our agent Buks Swarts, visiting one of the leading sugarcane farmers in South Africa. The farmer decided to do a GuanoBoost sugarcane trial in Pongola – what a pleasure to work with such an amazing farmer!

He simply used GuanoBoost as a supplement in his normal mixed fertiliser strategy. He applied 2 applications of 25L GuanoBoost per hectare at a very early stage through drip and spray irrigation – the sugarcane is now looking great at 8 months old!

GuanoBoost unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost gives immediate nutrients to the plant. What results does this give?

  • A healthier plant.
  • Higher yields.
  • Helps plants survive cold, heat.
  • Quality produce.
  • Prolonged production cycle.

We call this… Nutrient Loading!

We are very excited to see what the ton and RV per hectare will be!

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