Beautiful looking Kikuyu field leading to a happy farmer and even happier cows!

Maybe you thought of using organic fertilisers, but you’re worried to try something new. This farmer in KZN, Nottingham area was just like you, he was concerned about using GuanoBoost as it is a new product to the market. But he made a brave move to introduce organic material to his Kikuyu fields to improve his farm’s soil health and to have a more regenerative approach to farming.

His approach to his Kikuyu is to have holistic high-density mob grazing grass – this definitely contributes to the Guano performing as amazingly well as it has. GuanoBoost ensured that the plants were quickly given essential micro and macro elements and nitrogen which could be quickly absorbed by the plant due to the special fermentation production process used in manufacturing GuanoBoost.

The Kikuyu is over 2 years old and had 3 applications of 25L per hectare GuanoBoost, with a further spray to be done this February after grazing.
He is very happy with the results as he doubled his grazing capacity. Thank you to our technical agent, Olivia Wolhuter, for these amazing pictures.

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