What would an increase in maize yield do for your farm, whilst producing a healthier crop?

Lourens Kruger is a young farmer in Potgietersrus. He had seen amazing results on social media from farmers using 100% organic GuanoBoost as part of their fertilisation programs. When his chemical rep advised him to start using GuanoBoost, he was immediately convinced as he knows that this product will give great results. He decided to contact our agent in the Potgietersrus area, Tersia de Beer, and exchanged his Urium products for 100% organic GuanoBoost and never looked back. 

He applied 4 applications of 25/L GuanoBoost per hectare. With the visible amazing results on his maize by 5 January 2021, he decided to also start using GuanoBoost on his sugar beans and is currently in the process of preparation. He is very excited about the coming season and results.

Excellent mielie crop results.

The farmer from Thabazimbi replaced two of their foliar feeding strategies with 100% Organic GuanoBoost and applied it along with their usual mixed fertiliser strategy. 

They have approximately 105 000 Pioneer mielie plants per hectare, which are mainly one-headed plants. 25/L of GuanoBoost was applied when the mielie plants reached 5 leaves, and another 25/L of GuanoBoost was applied on 10 leaves by recommendation of one of our technical agents.

After the GuanoBoost applications, these mielie heads have 18 rows with an average of 36 kernels which gives 648 corn kernels per head. SA mielies have an average weight of 3g per kernel. There are an estimated 20% more two-headed mielie plants.

The farmer believes that a very good harvest is on the way this season.

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