A 25% Increase in Crop Yield. From 9,100 bags per hectare to 11,400 bags per hectare, a 25% increase through Nutrient Loading.

What would this increase do for your farming business? Read this short case study to find out how.

At Guano Boost we supply commercial farmers with 100% organic fertiliser made from Namibian Guano Bird extract, the most nitrogen-rich natural organic fertiliser in the world with a nitrogen level of 13,7g/kg. We help commercial farmers to:

  • Improve their profits and cash flow
  • Improve their yield,
  • Develop products with a longer shelf life and with a higher sugar content
  • Simplify their fertilising operations; whilst preserving their soils and watercourses from contamination, thereby ensuring their farm is sustainable for future generations.

All through Nutrient Loading the plants and soil with the essential foods they need to thrive.

Pieter is a farmer from Limpopo that plants onions under pivot.

He used chemical straights for fertilising his onions and his soil health was declining as a result.

The issue is that chemical fertilisers target the plant but deplete the soil making the essential nutrients in the soil unavailable to the plant. This leads to poorer yields, contaminated water sources and depleted soil over time.

He heard of GuanoBoost and the fact that it builds up the clay content and health of his soil and he reached out to Theo.

When he spoke to Theo and Theo explained that he could expect a 20-25% increase in production yields, Pieter was very sceptical about the use of any type of organic fertiliser. His argument was organic fertilisers are just not potent enough in the commercial arena.

We explained to him that Guano Boost is an Organic plant feed like no other with its high Nitrogen levels 13.7gr/kg as well as a long list of macro and microelements. But the main reason was because of the unique ingredients in GuanoBoost + the advanced fermentation process we take GuanoBoost through during manufacturing, means that the essential nutrients that the plants and soil needs are immediately available to the plant.

  • Guano Boosts 13.7gr/kg
  • Has a long list of macro and microelements is a uniquely effective fertiliser.
  • Because Guano Boost is an Organic Product he would be building his soil nutrients up for future generations to come.
  • Guano Boost is simple to use as it can be applied by any irrigation system being used on the farm.
  • Guano Boost can be used with a large variety of insecticides and chemical products.

Pieter decided to follow Theo’s advice and use GuanoBoost instead of chemical fertilisers. He was able to subsidise/replace some of his straights with GuanoBoost that is high in nitrogen and micro/macroelements.

Although he did not spend more on his fertilising regime he was able to improve on his previous record crop of 9,100 bags per hectare to 11,400 bags per hectare, a 25% increase as Theo had predicted.

If you would like these kinds of results in your business, simply give me a call today and I’d be delighted to come out to your farm and take 30 minutes of your time and show you some case studies of how farmers are getting amazing results and profit increases by using Guano fertiliser.

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