Is your farm struggling with declining yields, unsustainability, and depleted soil due to constantly using only excessive chemical fertilisers on your farm?

Jaco du Preez is living and farming in Swartwater, Limpopo. He wanted to improve his farm’s performance, but he knew that he needed to do something different. He can’t keep putting more and more chemicals onto his soil. And just like you, he was worried about his farm’s sustainability as he also wants to increase his yields while preserving the farm for future generations. But using chemical fertilisers alone cannot give the soil the essential nutrients that they need to survive and thrive over the long term. 

Without having to stop your current chemical mix, you’ll have to introduce a percentage of organic fertiliser into your fertiliser strategy to maintain and increase your yields over the long term. And this improvement is only possible by using 100% organic GuanoBoost fertiliser.

Jaco was nervous to use GuanoBoost, but he believes that when you stop doing trials on your lands, you stop being innovative, and that leads to you coming to a standstill. He planted new varieties of onions and he decided to make the brave move by adding GuanoBoost to his mixed fertiliser strategy. 

The new season and variety’s roots have developed astonishingly and are extremely strong after using GuanoBoost, and Jaco says any variety of product that has good roots automatically has good fruit. He also does soil analyzes on every hectare, to make sure his soil gets the right quantity fertiliser application.

He doesn’t cut out any of his chemical programs, he simply uses GuanoBoost as a supplement in his normal mixed fertiliser strategy and he says it is more than sufficient. 

Jaco applied 3 applications of 5 to 10L per hectare. The first application was on week 3 and followed by week 6 and week 9. He applies about 30L per hectare which is an input cost of under R700 a hectare. Jaco packs bags of onions of 1kg-3kg and also 10kg bags. He packs approximately 30 bags per minute. He is reaping the rewards of using GuanoBoost as he got the highest record onion return yet!

He is also very impressed with the amount of folic acid in GuanoBoost. In every 25L GuanoBoost, there is 1kg of folic acid which is responsible to break down all the chemical soil damage over the years – “I’m not going to do one more block without GuanoBoost, this product is really going to stay part of my program, especially on the onions. My new lands that have never had anything on them are now responsible for my best yields with the onions.” Introducing organic material into his fertiliser mix ensured that the plants were quickly given essential micro and macro elements and nitrogen which could be quickly absorbed by the plant due to the special fermentation production process used in manufacturing GuanoBoost.

GuanoBoost unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost gives immediate nutrients to the plant – what results does this give? 

  • A healthier plant 
  • Higher yields
  • Helps plants survive cold, heat
  • Quality produce
  • Prolonged production cycle. 

We call this… Nutrient Loading 

If you are concerned about trying GuanoBoost, don’t be. GuanoBoost is extremely versatile and it will fit in seamlessly in any new or existing fertilising strategy. Not only can you expect improved performance, but you will be taking an immediate step to help resolve the soil health crisis and the need to reintroduce biology and organic matter back into the soil in order to sustain yields.

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