Alberto Engelbrecht in the Tomburke area had 250mm of rain within 2 weeks after planting.

Having read all the information and watched multiple case studies about the benefit of GuanoBoost helping stressed plants and crops, Alberto decided to reach out to one of our agents and after having a consult, he became convinced that using GuanoBoost in his mixed fertiliser strategy was the way too go to help his tobacco plants survive and recover from the excessive rainfall.

GuanoBoost fertiliser is effective and helps crops recover from stress conditions because of the accelerated fermentation process GuanoBoost went through, meaning that all the elements exist in the specific form that plants require. Despite the heavy rains right after planting, Alberto applied 25L GuanoBoost per hectare and these are the amazing results after only 2 weeks!

The fact that GuanoBoost is 100% organic, enables the plant to absorb it through its leaves as all the elements are immediately available and in the right shape and absorbable form to give the plants a kickstart again.

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