Not only an increase of yield but higher quality level, higher price, and 15% less wastage!

Naas Rautenbach is a farmer in Standerton. He got a great increase in his sorghum quality that really simplified his operations. He struggled with the quality of the sorghum grains that were always smaller than the sieve so he would lose much of the grains as they fell through the sieve. He made the brave move to introduce 100% organic GuanoBoost into his mixed fertiliser strategy. This ensured that the plants were quickly given essential micro and macro elements and nitrogen which could be quickly absorbed by the plant due to the special fermentation production process used in manufacturing GuanoBoost.

After applying GuanoBoost, the grains were much bigger and heavier and don’t go lost through the sieve anymore as all the elements in GuanoBoost exist in the specific form that plants require. It does not have to go through any process of breakdown and is immediately available to the plant.

By only getting the quality of the weight and size of the grains up, this already led him to get an increase in yield as the sorghum grains are now bigger to not fall through the sieve and the harvester now recycles many more kernels. Even if the crop quantity would stay the same, the higher weight and bigger size of the grains that don’t fall through the sieve alone pays the output cost of the GuanoBoost.

Last season they harvested 3 tons on that land and Naas, who is also the harvester contractor says there is an expected harvest of 5 or 6 tons this season. The real control was 20% higher on yield, but the biggest bonus for the farmer was that he got a super A grade on his sorghum and not B like the rest of the crops.

SAB will normally take 2% off for wastage, but this sorghum had such a high quality, SAB didn’t take off the 2%. Naas says the quality of the kernels has improved and he can also see clear results that the weight and the size of the sorghum grains have improved tremendously thanks to GuanoBoost which unlocks nutrients in the soil + GuanoBoost giving immediate nutrients to the plant. What results does this give?

  • A healthier plant.
  • Higher yields.
  • Helps plants survive cold, heat.
  • Quality produce.
  • Prolonged production cycle.

We call this… Nutrient Loading!

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